Monday, April 4, 2016

Organic, Amethyst Inspired Wedding Cake

One Thursday morning, I got an email from a lady named Grace who asked if  I want to be part of the team to create an organic, amethyst inspired wedding style shoot at the Tree Room in Athens, GA. Our part was, of course,  to create a "NAKED wedding cake" to go with the theme. Let me explain...the participants weren't going to be nude! A naked cake is a cake that is minimally frosted. Obviously we immediately say "yes". For me, an opportunity like this is a great way to let my imagination and creativity run wild!!

In the business perspective, this is a great opportunity for Sweetie Pie by Savie to collaborate with very talented people in the Athens/Atlanta area. Also, this will get our name out to the local professionals who work in the wedding business.

You gotta love Athens for this reason; it's a community that is full of artists who are willing to help each other to make creative things happen. Here are some wonderful photos of our cake that were captured by Love Stories by Halie+Alec.

About the cake: Grace told me that it could be any size and any flavor. She loves to have the dripping of caramel ganache to create an aesthetic, organic, and effortless look for the cake. 
I originally put some green-ish/purple-ish exotic flowers on the top and bottom tiers of the cake, but I was not sure if the cake would go well with other things on the set. Grace told me not to worry about it since they would have a professional florist from Bud and Bloom at the shoot to help. 
Some flowers that they added on top of the cake really made the cake look more stunning and went really well with the scene. This is exactly how collaboration makes thing perfect!

For the full story that was told by Halie+Alec through photos, please visit their blog at

Special thanks to the wonderful team! Please visit them to see more of their wonderful work.

Grace Lionetti
Lead Planner
Lionhearted Events

Love Stories by Halie + Alec 

Bud and Bloom

Makeup + Hair:
Margaret Snider Makeup Artistry 

Kelly's Closet

Jewelry: Rhys May Jewelry

Thank you all so very much!